6 long-term commitments on Sustainability Impact from Schneider Electric

Publication: the 21/05/2024 to 8 h 19 min

Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy and automation digital solutions, specializing in efficiency and sustainability. Operating in Cambodia since 2013, the company has seen an average annual growth of 30%. Its mission is to empower everyone to maximize energy and resources, promoting progress and sustainability for all. Schneider’s goal is to be your digital partner for sustainability and efficiency.

Committed to achieving net zero CO2 emissions and no net biodiversity loss by 2030, Schneider focuses on six long-term commitments:

  1. Act for a climate-positive world
  2. Be efficient with resources
  3. Uphold principles of trust
  4. Create equal opportunities
  5. Harness the power of all generations
  6. Empower local communities

Schneider Electric is not only committed to achieving its ambitious goals, but it is also making significant progress toward these commitments. The company’s achievements in the first quarter of 2024 reflect its dedication:

  • 576 million tonnes of CO2 emissions were saved and avoided through customer assistance.
  • The use of green materials in products increased by 30%.
  • 82% of employees expressed confidence in reporting unethical conduct.
  • 48.2 million people were provided with access to green electricity.
  • 644 thousand people received training in energy management.
  • 100% of Country and Zone Presidents have made local commitments impacting their communities.

To discover more about Schneider Electric: https://www.se.com/kh/en/