C.E.E. - comp

A one-year competition
between buildings to save energy!

The second edition of the CEE Comp is about to be launched! This competition is designed to promote energy efficiency among commercial buildings, encouraging participants to reduce their energy consumption while using cost-effective measures and promoting behavioral changes in their employees and clients.

The CEE Comp is an opportunity for participants to showcase their energy-saving ideas and strategies, while competing against other buildings to achieve the greatest reduction in energy consumption over the course of a year. 

In the first edition of the CEE Comp, participants achieved an average energy savings of 10%. In 2023/2024, the goal is to increase the impact of the competition, having more participants and achieving even more energy savings. Join us in this exciting competition and take a meaningful step toward a more sustainable future.

By participating in this competition, you will not only reduce your energy bills, but also contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change.


Find your own advantage…

Save 5 to 35% on your electricity bill

Take advantage of the networking opportunities and media exposure

 Engage your employees in a fun project and increase employees’ team spirit

90-Day Challenge

Contribute to the environment and increase employee wellbeing

Track your energy consumption and be ahead of regulations

Your energy efficiency journey starts now !

Boost your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) engagements and become a role model in your environment

Some Feedback

Thomas Hesketh
Thomas Hesketh

Deputy Executive Director
EuroCham Cambodia

Small changes can make massive differences, especially when targeting young people like the ones currently employed at Eurocham. The young generation is willing to make changes

Winner of the competition – Category 1

Lucas Moro
Lucas Moro

Chief Financial officer
AMK Microfinance

At AMK, we really look forward to taking what we have learned in this competition and rolling it out to all of our branches across Cambodia because, even if each branch makes small savings, together we can have a really strong impact

Winner of the competition – Category 2

H.E, Dr. Tin Ponlok

Secretary of State at the MoE
and Second Vice Chair at the NCSD

This competition contributes to saving money, strengthening energy security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the main cause of climate change.

How does it work ?

The concept of the Cambodia Energy Efficiency Competition (CEE Comp) is very simple. It involves saving the maximum amount of energy in 1 year by implementing small gestures, improving the building’s management and mobilising its occupants.

Participants declare their monthly energy bills on the web platform, based on which the energy savings are calculated using the recognized IPMVP protocol. The energy savings will result in a monthly ranking by competition categories, followed by a final ranking and prizes.

Competing buildings will also be awarded medals based on reaching absolute energy savings thresholds (regardless of their ranking).

An important animation and communication will complement the competition in order to highlight the companies involved and the best results.

Who can be involved ?

This competition is for commercial buildings from all sectors and sizes including retail and hospitality buildings, offices, schools, NGOs and government buildings. Whether the candidates are owners, tenants or even property managers, the competition provides everyone with the means to reach their energy efficiency objectives! 


Owners register their buildings in order to create a stronger bond and genuine collaborations with their tenants.


Tenant companies are interested because CEE Comp enables them to reduce their energy bills by implementing low-investment actions, which provides a quick return on investment.


Property Managers can also sign up in order to build stronger ties with their tenants and to enhance the value of their building monitoring and management missions with their clients (fund managers or owners).


Energy managers, design offices or operators can also sign their client’s buildings up in order to optimise them, with the help of the occupants.


To register for the competition, go to the Registration page.

November 2020Registration opening
June 2021Pre-launch of the competition
September 2021Beginning of the competition
September 2022End of the competition and Awards Ceremony