C.E.E. - comp

CEE Comp is a self-sustaining, multi-year campaign that acts as a mechanism to boost energy efficiency in Cambodia.
CEE Comp is born from the alliance between IFPEB and the creator of CUBE and Sevea.
Based on IFPEB’s competition format, and Sevea’s expertise in the sector of sustainable development aims
to bring energy efficiencyat the core of Cambodian citizens’ daily life.

Inspired by a successful
french competition

The proposed competition is a Cambodian implementation of CUBE,
an existing contest run for 5 years in France and other European countries by IFPEB.  

The success of the competition, based on resilient actions, collaboration and playfulness,
in France and across Europe during 5 years, led CUBE to expand internationally in countries
including Cambodia, Brazil and Morocco.

Some key results


Candidate buildings


cumulative savings


saved in electricity savings


tons of CO2 saved