Communication about the candidate

By applying for the competition, the company or organization involved expressly authorizes CEE Comp to use its corporate name, its logo (the “distinctive signs”), and the number of buildings in the competition, within the framework of the CEE Comp portal, the publication of the competition newsletter or the launch and closing events, free of charge. The distinctive signs may be used, together with those of all the candidates, on any communication medium dedicated to the competition.

Sincerity of statements

Candidates commit to the sincerity of their statements. The data declared with effect of competition will be auditable on simple request of the organizers. The winning candidates of a category will be audited by the competition organization on the entirety of the declared data.

Consumption data

The data describing the sites and energy consumption recovered for the competition are not made public, except for the three winners in each category of the competition. During the monthly publication of the rankings, only the names of the top ten candidates in the general ranking and the top three candidates in each category are made public.

The participants give the right to a non-nominative use, without reference to the buildings or to the company or organization, of the consumption data collected for the purpose of diffusing statistical results of the competition. 

Site elimination

A candidate site is eliminated if it stops reporting its consumption for more than one trimester or if an anomaly is found in the reporting or at the end of an audit.