Publication: the30/01/2024 to 4 h 16 min

Already halfway through, isn’t it a bit soon? The CEE Comp competition has reached its midpoint. This quarterly update introduces the top performers from the first six months, highlighting the challenges our candidates encountered and the actions taken to enhance energy efficiency in their buildings. Further insights into key findings from site visits and exciting events in the competition are also detailed in the Quarterly Brief newsletter.

About CEE Comp: CEE Comp is the only and first Energy Efficiency competition in South-east Asia, it is organized by Sevea, is endorsed by the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Mines and Energy, and is sponsored by Soma Group and Schneider Electric, in partnership with WWF-Cambodia, EnergyLab Cambodia, EuroCham Cambodia, All Dreams Cambodia, with the media support of Sabay, WeWatch TV Cambodia, អំពីថាមពល – About Energy.