Cambodia Energy Effiency Talk

Publication: the 03/06/2022 to 5 h 23 min

The Cambodia Energy Efficiency Talk was held Saturday May 28th 2022 at Factory, Phnom Penh. This event was organized within the project CEE Comp (Cambodia Energy Efficiency Competition) by EnergyLab in partnership with Sevea Consulting, and with the support of the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance, as well as Schneider Electric. The CEE Comp is an innovative competition between buildings seeking to boost energy efficiency by addressing behavior change through games and internal challenge. Its aim is to increase awareness and responsibility, foster collaborations and creativity, while providing accessible and easy solutions.

For two hours, experts led the event to the public audience. Along with the presentations, participants took part in a quiz on climate change and energy efficiency issues, with a prize for the winners. They were then invited to participate in an interactive workshop on the topic of energy efficiency in everyday life.

Laura Pretto,Senior Environmental Consultant at Sevea Consulting presented the CEE Comp and particularly the University 90-Day Challenge that was launched on May 23rd.An insight of climate change and the connections with the energy sector in Cambodia was the second theme of her speech. The darkest forecasts predict a temperature increase of 2.6 degrees in Cambodia by 2050. In this context, the competition is very relevant to encourage actors to take a step forward in reducing GHG emissions.

Dr. Sarin Chan, presenting Energy Efficiency concept

The Institute of Technologyof Cambodia was represented by Dr. Sarin Chan, Head of Energy Technology and Management Research Unit (ETM) & Research and Innovation Center (RIC). His presentation focused on the concept of energy efficiency of which he explained the principle and the interests. He also provided some useful tips for reducing energy consumption in buildings such as good insulation or the use of LED lights.

Ms. Socheata Tao representing Smart Axiata

Finally, the CEE Comp candidate Smart Axiata, represented by Ms. Socheata Tao, expressed its commitment to fightagainst climate change. Smart Axiata has already undertaken many actions within the framework of the competition, including environmental talks with its employees and a sticker campaign on energy efficiency. Smart Axiata initiatives help promote greener corporate practices. They are doing their best to reach their challenging 2050 carbon neutrality objective.

Following the presentations, the participants were invited to participate in a group workshop. Everyone was able to identify the energy efficiency challenges they face in their daily lives. In groups, they were able to prioritize them and propose innovative solutions accordingly. Some participants identified air conditioning use as a major concern and concluded that public awareness could help optimize its use. Another group drew attention to the impact of Internet use and data storage on energy consumption.

Ms. Laura Pretto rewarding the quiz winner

You missed the event? Don’t worry, you can download the presentations below:

About the CEE Comp: The Cambodia Energy Efficiency Competition is implemented by the ITC and Sevea. It is a local adaptation of the CUBE competition initiated by the French Institute for Building Performance (IFPEB) as a bid to reduce carbon emissions in France. The CEE Comp is implemented in partnership with the EuroCham, EnergyLab, the Liger Leadership Academy, and the IFPEB, as well as with the financial support of Schneider Electric and the National Council for Sustainable Development under the Cambodia Climate Change Alliance Innovation Grant Facility, supported by the European Union, the United Nation Development Program and Sweden.